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Time for a spring detox. Do you know how to do it?

Spring is an ideal season for starting yearly detox of your organism.  However some ways of detox can be too harsh for your body. Therefore we will recommend a gentle approach how to put your body back into harmony after winter.

How too complex foods affect you?

Diet symbolises nutrition for cells in our body. It should give us good mood, growth and prosperity. Unfortunately in today’s world in supermarkets we find mostly too complex foods, which contain a great amount of preservatives, seasonings and colourings. They contain very little quality nutrition and a lot of waste.

Do you consume such foods in great amount? Then it’s very likely your body will have health issues sooner or later. That can be:

  • melancholy
  • swellings
  • skin issues
  • cold and cough
  • allergies and asthma
  • obesity
  • reluctance to do anything
  • and other things.

Start your spring detox

Most common problem is consuming foods full of chemistry. We eat meat from factory farms, heard to digest portions and omnipresent wheat cultivated in a way that it attacks our body. We often cannot estimate a portion of our food and we unnecessarily eat too much. All of that contributes to difficult digestion, alternatively even other health complications. And spring is the right time to balance your body.

Breakfast is essential

Start your day with a tea for lungs and large bowel. Your body is cleaning itself in the morning, and therefore after about 30 minutes you will go to the bathroom. After that drink clean water until you are really hungry.

For breakfast have:

  • porridge
  • vegetable soup
  • or rye bread with legume spread

When eating focus on your food only and nothing else. After breakfast have a pancreas tea and don’t eat anything until lunch. Your stomach will create digestive juices for the particular amount and composition of food you ate. If you were constantly eating something, you would disturb your digestive process.

Have a light vegan lunch

Have your lunch again when you are really hungry. Ideally prepare a light vegan meal. If you want to, have a vegetable salad. After lunch, drink a pancreas tea.

What about dinner?

For dinner you can have any vegan meal or a salad. Coleslaw or celery salad is very tasty. Between individual meals watch out and don’t eat anything else. If you have cravings for something, take a piece of fruit or vegetable. And before going to sleep, have a tea for digestion support.

TIP: Pancreas is responsible for proper processing of food. Read what causes weakness in this organhttps://www.netradicni-medicina.cz/en/obezita-2-dil-vite-cim-oslabujete-svoji-slinivku-brisni/.

Movement is important

During spring detox don’t forget regular movement. Try to find time for fast walking onto a hill or light jogging, and at least every third day. Try to avoid gym. During a detox, dynamic movement is more important for a body. And think about stretching too… you can try yoga for example.

How else can I support detox?

If you suffer from constipation even the third day after starting your detox, apply one enema. Mix 0,5 liters of water with temperature 37°C with a teaspoon of salt. Pour this solution into an irrigator and apply. You can support your detox with various supplements you can find on the market (for example Chlorella, Lepicol or flax seed).

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