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Are you interested in how we and our employees take care of our health?

Often you ask us how we take care of ourselves. In this article you will learn how we approach our work, how we take care of ourselves and what we do besides our job.

We take care of ourselves

At least once a month each of us has a so-called employee acupuncture or a massage. During these procedures we relax, let ourselves be taken care of and at the same time we learn from each other. These massages are not paid and more or less are mandatory.

We constantly educate ourselves

At least once a month we have a mandatory training, where we expand already known techniques and we learn new ones. That way we increase our expertise and also take care of our personal development.

Our work fulfils us

We enjoy our work very much, it fulfils us and is not disconnected from our personal life. It is in harmony with the life philosophy of each of us. Thus it doesn’t drain us, but recharges us. Everything we recommend we also use and do.

We know how to play

We organise common activities:

  • We play parlour games
  • We ride on horses together
  • We ride on bobsled tracks
  • We play laser games
  • Or we meet at a campfire

In winter we go to the mountains together and in summer we go camping. Common lunches or dinners are already a commonplace.

We support each other

Each of us is different and each of us creates an incommutable part of our whole. We realise it and we admire each other and support each other in our creativity and uniqueness.

We are always looking forward to you

No matter the reason you come to visit us, we are looking forward to you and to everything we will experience together. Look forward as well.

What procedures you can experience with us?

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