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How to maintain your meridians passable with the help of holistic medicine

Do you know that clean and passable meridians are important for the proper functioning of your body? Often, however, they may become polluted by bad diet. How does that look like?

How to make body beautifull

Many people think that a beautiful body can have only a person, who has strong will and is under perfect self-control. Thank God, this is not how it works.

For the body to be beautiful, it must be:

  • Healthy
  • Passable
  • Relaxed
  • Satisfied
  • Beloved

It has nothing to do with self-control, drill, diets and renunciation.

What the meridians are good for

Below the surface of the body, there is an energy net, which must always be passable and clean, if we want our body  healthy and be satisfied. The energy net is divided into individual segments called the meridians. Therefore, meridians are parts of the human energy system.

Meridians therefore allow to:

  • get energy to the internal organs
  • nurture them
  • clean them and keep them in excellent condition

TIP: Do you want to keep your meridians in perfect shape? Choose one of the therapy techniques.

What if meridians do not work the way they should

For example, due to a long-term stress and bad eating habits, the stomach does not have the power to digest food perfectly. Food then ferment or rot and due to that, harm your intestines, destroying its microflora and causing greasy sediments. Thanks to these sediments, the vitamins and minerals do not get into the body through the intestinal wall. The toxins are released from the rotting matter, which overloads the liver and kidneys.

As a result, one feels:

  • Tired
  • Irritated
  • Internally tensed
  • Under pressure

Immunity decreases, body cleansing with flu symptoms is appearing more and more often. Metabolism slows down, lack of vitamins and minerals body solve with higher intake of food, leading, among other things, to obesity. Hunger comes mainly in the evening because the well-functioning digestive system divides and stores the necessary vitamins and minerals overnight.

How to fix it

If it is not a life-threatening acute condition, it is useless to force your stomach to better digest with drugs. Initially, it would work, but it would be necessary to take them lifelong, with decreasing impact effect. And the burden for the liver would be higher, thus decreasing the detoxification and recovery capacity of the body. Degeneration and aging would come very quickly.

It is far more convenient to bring enough energy to the stomach. That’s enough. The body knows exactly, where is something missing and how to fix it. It only needs driving power – energy. And we bring it to our stomach by relaxing, freeing and clearing its meridian. Change is visible within a few weeks, and usually within a few months, the stomach is all right. Then it only depends on how we take care of our stomach.


How do the meridians get blocked

Do you know the situation where you do not like something in your relationship, but you will not say anything? You do not even show anything, that everybody at home is calm and happy. You feel frustrated for a while, but then you do not feel it much. Where did it disappear? Nowhere. It desublimed, it means it settled in the lungs’ meridian, where it is going to slow down the flow of energy. When it happens hundreds and more times, there will be an increasing cough, later asthma, bronchitis, allergies, eczema.

Once the meridian is cleansed, the flow of energy is passable, and the body itself corrects the system. The body with passable meridians is healthy, smooth, beautiful and shining. And age does not matter at all.

And what about your meridians?

It is not easy to keep the meridians clean, because we would have to re-evaluate the priorities as a society. But it is possible to keep meridians in passable condition through cleaning . And we are experts in it.

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