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6 things you should know about an energetic exercise Qigong

Qigong symbolises one of energetic exercises. Find out how this exercise works, on what principle it works and how often you should do it.

What is Qigong

It is a relatively undemanding energetic exercise. It is mostly done standing, but also sitting. Movements are slow and focused. At first a person exercising focuses on the technique, later everything becomes automatic and the attention is put towards internal work with energy in meridians and energetic centres of the body.

On what principle does it works

Thanks to deep breathing, carefully done exercises and later mainly concentration and focus, great amount of energy is being accumulated in the body. This energy is used to:

  • Open and clean meridians
  • Loosen emotional and energetic blockages
  • Fill energetic centres

What are the benefits of Qigong

In the first phase to balances and replenishes energy. It is visible on the face. Wrinkles are smoothed and contours softened. The sleep gets deeper, a person has more strength and joy in life. Organs renew themselves, metabolism gets faster and the body cleans itself quicker. All of that if a person exercises regularly

Who can do Qigong

Almost everyone can do it. At first the exercises are very easy both technically and in terms of stamina. Later the exercises are more difficult especially in terms of concentration. But you get there along with your physical condition getting better.

How often should you exercise

Ideally each day for 10-30 minutes based on options. You can also exercise every other day for 20-60 minutes. Or once a week for 120 minutes. It depends on what suits you best.

When will the results come

After each exercise you are pleasantly relaxed and balanced – just like after a holiday. With regular exercise, as early as after 3 months your whole body starts renewing.

Learn how to do Qigong

We are just opening five hour intensive courses following with regular exercise.

In this course you will learn what you need to be able to do for regular exercises. You will also learn basic information about how your body works energetically.

TIP: Are you interested in a Qigong seminar? Let us know through an inquiry form.

Will there be follow-up courses?

The courses will have follow-ups. Even regular exercises will be divided based on a level of participants.

In follow-up courses you will also learn enough theory about how to work with energy outside of exercise in regular life. In the higher level you will learn a diagnostics and solving physical disharmonies through Qigong.

What to bring?

Take with you:

  • A roll mat
  • Water, snack
  • Writing equipment

You will get study materials from us.

If you are interested in Qigong, please follow the section Qigong on our website, where you will gradually see new courses and exercise dates.

Find out more about Qigong

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