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5 most common causes of joint pains

There can be several causes for joint pains. Are you interested in what those are? How can you relieve joint pains by yourself? And how can we help you with joint pains?

Moisture and cold

A joint pain can be caused by external pollutants attacking a body. Most frequently by moisture and cold. It can happen particularly if a protective chi of the body is weak and pollutants get inside the body. Or because of a long stay in cold and moisture.

This problem can be generally solved with hot bath or sauna. It would be best done right after catching cold. If a stay in cold and moisture is regular, then also going to a sauna should be regular.

When it comes to the protective chi, or the protective energy, these things can weaken it:

  • Inappropriate diet
  • Lack of rest

If you have strong protective chi, when there is cold and moisture, it will close down the skin of the body in a way so that pollutants won’t get through. But if the chi is weak it cannot do that.

Long-term tension and pressure

A human body gets tense when:

  • You are under pressure for a long period
  • You are in a high professional or societal role and you cannot deal with it psychologically
  • You adhere to some moral dogma, which you put above yourself

The body gets stiff and harder based on conservative thinking and a loss of ability to make a change or accept another opinion. And depending on an inability to truly live life with everything it brings. This leads to a loss of an ability to see the bigger picture. Such stiff muscles drag muscle insertions on joints and subsequently ligaments inside of a joint.

Constant tension in joints creates heat, which the body tries to balance with a fluid. It leads to swellings of joints or water in knees. In the first phase cups and acupuncture will help. But it only solves the symptom. Therefore you need to stop, or “reset”, and begin to feel what you have within and somehow confront it. Here yoga and qigong helps a lot.

TIP: Find out what different things we can solve with holistic and Chinese medicine.

Head full of worries

Constant worrying damages stomach and pancreas, causes hotness of a gall bladder and livers and weakens a urinary bladder and kidneys. All of these meridians run through knees and hips. An energetic imbalance in them manifests as pains in those meridians.

It is useless to carry all problems in your head and constantly think about them, it won’t yield anything good. Much more beneficial is to plan solving a problem for a suitable time and then really solve it. Don’t think about it until that time and not even after. It is not easy, but it’s possible..

Inappropriate diet and lymph stagnation

Too much heavy and not nutritious diet also causes an imbalance and blockages of the energy in meridians.

Lymph stops flowing in places where the energy stagnates. Surroundings of a joint full of old and stiff lymph don’t allow sufficient clearing, renewal and nourishment of the joint. And the joint can really start degenerating.

How we can help you

We will do an analysis of your problems, find the cause and agree on the course of a treatment. With the acupuncture I will align energy fluctuations in the body. Then we will clear meridians, release the tension from the body and agree on gradual changes in diet and life-style if needed.

How you can help yourself

Move physically and also mentally and cooperate with us. To move means not preventing changes of any kind. Unexpected complications and unexpected course of situations is the best motivation for movement. If you accept it, you will gain much from it.

What is that “reset”

A “reset” symbolizes an activity or a situation that leads to:

  • Breaking habitual patterns
  • Breaking old routine activities

A stronger form is for example a parachute jump, bungee jumping, or a week-long stay in a dark room. A more accessible reset for example is horse riding, playing squash or a night cipher game. A very popular way of a reset is also blind traveling. You buy a plane ticket and the rest you deal with on the spot and in a particular situation.

I know there are many pain and swelling relieving gels and medicaments. Pains and swellings point to something significantly more serious. It is a body communication, an indicator. If you access the real cause and really solve it responsibly, you often change your life completely and you open yourself up to new horizons and options. And that is worth an effort.

What techniques do we use?

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