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Techniques of holistic and Chinese medicine

Find out, what specific techniques you can enjoy for general therapy.

Special relaxing massage

Make use of variety of massages to relax your body and mind. You will be able to breathe better and enjoy a calm sleep.

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Reflex massage

Experience perfect relaxation of your body. And much faster than with a classical massage.

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Acupuncture and Acupressure

Set balance in your body through acupuncture points. Are you wondering how these techniques works?

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Remove excessive overpressure from your body. This treatment method can replace acupuncture. How does it actually work?

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Chinese pressure massage

Chinese massage is different name for acupressure. It helps against pain and also relieves the symptoms of certain illnesses.

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Dorn’s method

Dorn’s method can be used for problems with motion apparatus. Are you interested in how it works?

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Indian massage

Dive yourself in the oasis of calmness and get rid of all the stress. For that is especially the Indian massage.

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Massage with lava stones

During this massage you will enjoy the full warming up of your body. You will get out of your body all the pollutants and you will leave totally relaxed.

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Meridian massage

Meridian massage cleans your acupuncture paths. Acupuncture itself will be much more effective.

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Tui-na massage

Take a comfortable massage, which we do over clothes. It will help you in fight with your health problems.

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