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Solutions of therapy

Do you want to discover not only the true cause of your health problems, but above all, to get rid of them?

How will my therapy help you

I’ll find the real cause of your problems and with help of acupuncture, massages and other techniques, and with your full cooperation, I can fix the problem permanently. The time to solve your problems is directly proportional to your willingness to cooperate and duration of problem.

More about holistic and Chinese medicine

Why to choose my therapy

Focus on causes

Except of eliminating consequences of problems and illnesses, I focus on finding the cause. By solving the cause, you will get rid of your health problems for once and for all.

You will understand your body

I will teach you to recognize signals of your body and how to respond appropriately to them. Result of my therapy is a healthy person, who is not addicted to drugs and therapies.

You will save money for drugs

Forget about spending money on expensive drugs. We can do well with therapies that use non-invasive techniques – massages, acupuncture, herbs. These are for you in the cost of therapy.

What do you want to help with?

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