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Holistic and Chinese medicine

Do you want to know how holistic and Chinese medicine works and heals you?

What is and what heals holistic medicine

Approach of holistic medicine

Holistic medicine approaches the body as a whole thing (it does not divide it into segments), in which everything is interconnected and all affects one another. It comes from Chinese medicine.

Health problems are perceived as a warning to your body, that something is happening, what can negatively affect the whole organism. The experienced therapist knows these body rules and can identify problematic area relatively quickly.

The illness itself usually occurs after a longer period of time of ignoring the warning signals. Pain is a signal of your body, that tries to draw attention to the problem. Use of painkillers will not solve the problem – by disconnecting a low-gasoline indicator light, you will also not prevent from an empty tank.

Treatment with holistic medicine

Our body is controlled by our psyche and emotions. The state of health of our body is therefore a reflection of our thinking and the very approach to life, ourselves and other people.

Our health is also affected by our diet. From high-quality food, our body creates a better “fuel” for our organism. Healthy diet is not the most expensive, but the simplest.

Holistic medicine can cure almost everything, except of inborn defects. However, the acquired diseases and health problems also depend on time. The duration of therapy is directly proportional to the time, which took to a person develop his illness, allergy or health problem.

Treatment procedure

What is and what heals CHINESE medicine

Approach of Chinese medicine

It works on a similar principle as the holistic medicine that comes from it. Physical and mental problems perceive as a whole – one affects other.

Chinese medicine goes further – it does not just solve the symptoms, but tries to prevent disease.

The goal of Chinese medicine is to achieve the balance of opposing forces of yin and yang. The health problem arises, when one of the forces prevails. The goal of the therapist is to identify emerging imbalance between these forces and to prevent creation of the disease itself.

Chinese medicine treatment

Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, acupressure, massages, herbs, diet and lifestyle.

It works with energy paths that are connected to individual organs. These paths are perceived as an extension of organs, through which organ function can be influenced to a certain extent.

Each organ is associated with emotion (for example, anger is a sign of overloaded liver). The state of our organs corresponds to the state of our psychic life (psychosomatics). Chinese medicine is solving health problems by harmonizing our lives.

How to solve

Treatment procedure

We will go through these steps together:

  1. Diagnostics of problem by voice, facial expression and movement.
  2. Entry consultation.
  3. Diagnostics from tongue and pulse.
  4. Therapy according to problem (massage, acupuncture, cuppin, qua-sha, …).
  5. Exit consultation and specification of following strategy.

Diagnostics from tongue and pulse

I will use this effective method to find out how is your health and  find the best way of therapy. I will find out the presence of illness and health problems, but also the imbalance of yin and yang forces.

After finding some problems, there are two steps:

  1. I will determine the amount of time, that this condition lasts.
  2. I will find the depth of imbalance or health problems in your body.

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