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Do you know the consequences of healing with alternative medicine?

Often what happens is that after the first acupuncture and first round of meridian cleaning people are surprised at reactions of their body. Some people notice their issues disappearing, but others have a more dramatic progress.

Temporary worsening of the state

Initially what can happen is a temporary worsening of the state. That happens at least for 3 reasons.

Body starts to communicate

Communication language of the body is:

  • Pains
  • Pressure
  • Itching
  • Other issues

If the body has had those issues for a long time, its receptors and communication slowly fades out. When no one hears them and don’t register them, body stops spending energy on this communication.

However, after the first acupuncture and following cleansing the body wakes up and starts communicating again. That means showing what needs to be worked with. Even though it doesn’t look like it, it has a positive development.

TIP: Do you know what acupuncture can help you with? And how it works in practice?

Releasing toxins

Settled toxins in the body start to release. The body is cleaning and detoxifying. For that it needs a lot of energy and people feel like having a flu during it. It lasts for about 1-2 days. Sometimes they really get sick. They cough, have a cold and sore throat.

Especially when:

  • They eat food that is hard to digest
  • They get chilled
  • They lack sleep
  • They overload their organism in some way

Usually it’s really only body cleaning itself. Therefore you don’t need to take antibiotics, you just need to survive this phase and let your body clean itself.

More intense emotions

After meridian massages there can be more intense emotions related to those specific meridians for a short period of time. For example cleaning the meridian of gall bladder can be followed by irritation, which can last for several hours. That’s part of the cleaning process. Meridian will be cleaning itself for several hours after you leave the massage.

TIP: Attend a meridian massage, which will clean your meridian pathways. Because of it acupuncture will be much more effective.

Pay attention to rest

If it’s possible, do this after each therapy or massage:

  • Rest
  • Drink lots of water and also herbal teas
  • Eat only light foods

Avoid coffee and alcohol. Your body will need a lot of energy for renewing its systems and releasing blockages. What can happen is that for the next two days after a massage you might feel a decline in energy and big need for sleep. That is okay.

If the body needs it, it takes 70% of your energy for renewal and you will be left with 30% for life. It is beneficial for you to tolerate it and don’t push it with coffee. If you can, spend a lot of time in nature. Usually in two days the body renews itself and you will feel great. That way you get the most from a massage.

At the end of each visit you get a herbal tea from us, which I recommend drinking intensively. It helps cleaning the body and it’s a great antibody against great fatigue. This state often comes after meridian massages. And it doesn’t stop renewal process in the body. It actually supports it.

Choose from our techniques of holistic and Chinese medicine.

Choose from our techniques of holistic and Chinese medicine.

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