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Do you know how specifically we do a holistic medicine therapy?

As you surely already know, soon you will be visiting us in a new office. I have prepared several pieces of advice for you, how you can enjoy your stay in our office the most.

Where you can find us now

The address of our new office is Starobrněnská 13. It is a street in the historical centre of Brno, on the connecting line between Zelný try and Šilingrovo square. This new office will be opened on 21th of May 2018.

How it works in our office

Are you getting ready to undertake some of our offered procedures? Is it your first time and you are not completely sure how it works? Read about how a visit in our centre usually goes.

TIP: Find out which techniques from holistic and Chinese medicine we use. And choose which one is right for you.

Electrosmog is undesirable in our office

Immediately after your arrival our lady assistant will ask you to turn the settings of your phone to the airplane mode. The reason is that we have a device that eliminates undesirable effects of geopathic zones and electrosmog. We want to make sure you are in an energetically clean and pleasing space.

We will lend you a soft bathrobe

During your visit you can also choose whether you want to stay a while longer after a massage or a therapy, and thus prolong moments of relaxation. If you are interested, our assistant will offer you a comfortable and soft bathrobe, which will definitely boost your moments of rest. You don’t have to worry about your personal belongings. We have special boxes available, which are sealed with your signature.

Rest on a deckchair with a tasty tea

Immediately after a procedure our assistant will prepare you a tea. Specifically based on a recommendation of a masseur or a therapist. With this refreshing drink you will then move to a relaxation room, where a free deckchair will be waiting for you. This room is used only after a therapy or a massage, not before.

TIP: Our assistants will be available in our office the whole day. Feel free to come a bit earlier so that you can acclimatise and easily prepare.

Floor with a beneficial effect on feet

The wooden floor in our office is filled with olive oil, which has a beneficial effect especially on bare feet. If you won’t be barefoot at our place, I recommend using our slippers and not walk around in socks. For some time the floor will be leaking oil.

Will the prices change?

Prices for services remain the same for now. In the process of the following months we will be gradually changing the prices based on higher expenses. But you don’t have to worry, we will inform you about everything in advance.

Come to us to rest

Book some of our procedures and experience beautiful moments of relaxation. Unwind from everyday worries and enjoy time only for yourself. We believe you will like our new office.

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Šárka Eggerová

What therapies do we offer?

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