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How to correctly and healthily sunbath?

Sunbathing has its fans and also opponents, many people are even afraid of the sunlight. However the sun has a very beneficial influence on the skin of a body, you just need to follow several important factors. What are those?

6 rules for healthy sunbathing

In order to prevent unpleasant problems caused by unhealthy sunbathing, it is a good idea to follow these 6 rules:

Rule 1: Take care of your skin

You need to take care of your skin throughout a whole year and mainly with careful washing. Healthy skin has a natural fat film that protects it against drying out and also against the sun. Therefore use shower gels only rarely, choose rather shower oils or clean water.

Rule 2: Put natural oils on yourself

If you use a shower gel or a body lotion, immediately after a bath put virgin olive oil on your skin, to which you can add a few drops of a natural lavender essence.

Rule 3: Do not use sun creams

Sun creams contain preservatives and other chemical substances and ingredients, which burden the skin quite a lot. And paradoxically they make the skin susceptible to damage by the sunlight.

For protection against the sun use virgin olive oil in which you dissolve a clean lavender essence. But the essence needs to be fully natural and not preserved.

We use essential oils from firm Karel Hádek, they are clean and without preservatives. It is enough to put 30 drops of an essential oil into 100 ml of virgin olive oil.

Rule 4: Be aware of your body

Estimate when it feels good to your body to spend time in the sun and when it is time to stay in the shade. Do not try to manipulate it. It sends out signals by itself when the skin is already at risk.

Rule 5: Go into water often

When sunbathing go often into water. The skin retracts in cold water and becomes overall more resistant.

Rule 6: Put oil on yourself after sunbathing

After sunbathing always use olive oil with lavender, it calms the skin and gives it nutrition.

TIP: A substance gets into the body through blood vessels quicker if you rub it into the skin. Rather than eating or drinking it. Therefore choose carefully what you put on your skin.

Be careful about right foods and drinks

Before and during sunbathing do not drink alcohol. Do not eat foods seasoned with hot spices, lamb meat and blue cheese. All of it increases hotness in the body and you wouldn’t enjoy staying in the sun.

On the contrary these things have cooling effects on the body:

  • Water with lemon
  • Cucumber soda
  • Cucumbers
  • Watermelon
  • Starters
  • Or sushi

Try it without a bathing suit

You will enjoy the sun and water the most without a bathing suit. If you are shy and in no way would you visit a nudist beach, at least change into a dry bathing suit every time you get out of water. This prevents you from catching a cold in your urinary tract, or ovaries with women.


Once you get out of water, lie down on a towel and relax. Let the sun relax and unblock your body. 

When you then go into water again, go into places where you will be at peace. And if the surface is calm, lie on your back. Relax, watch the clouds in the sky and feel the lightness of your body. That way you enjoy the water and the sun the most.

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