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Do you know what too complex foods can cause you?

Each of us knows that diet is very important for a body. However, in what lies the risk of too complex foods? And what exactly does chemicals contained in such foods cause?

Why to avoid complex foods

Diet is a nutrition for cells of a body. It should always contain sun elements and it should grow from earth.

If a diet is full of sun and earth energy, it brings:

  • Prosperity
  • Growth
  • Good mood
  • Satisfaction
  • Joy from life

Too complex foods containing preservatives, seasonings, colours and other chemical substances are rather a burden on a body. They contain little poor-quality nutrition and a lot of waste. This waste, because of its toxicity, represents a great burden especially on pancreas, livers and kidneys.

Such foods bring very little prosperity and growth to the body. And at the same time lead to a lot of problems, for example:

  • Swellings
  • Obesity
  • Melancholy
  • Skin issues
  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • Low self-confidence
  • Reluctance to do something new
  • Isolation

How much food to eat?

The amount of food for the body should be unlimited. One rule should apply: “hunger came, food will come”. If a diet is simple, nutritious and clean, it is impossible to be obese from it. The body will not ask for more than it really needs.

But complex foods are made specifically so that people buy them again as soon as possible. Through chemicals they attack the brain (center of libido, joy and satisfaction). Chemicals contained in such complex and refined foods have a similar effect as antidepressants. They just don’t supply serotonin, but release endorfin from the body. That’s why such foods are addictive and when consuming, a body cannot differentiate what it really needs and how much it needs.

DO YOU KNOW, THAT: Endorfin (happiness hormone) is being released naturally every day when we live the way we want to. It is better to release it through doing sports in nature, enjoying the presence of a loved person, or just in a circle of friends, than through dependence on chemicals in foods.

The simpler the diet, the better

Cells are nourished quicker and only little of harmless waste remains. On the contrary, the more complex the food is, the more difficult for a body is to handle it. And the amount of waste in a body is great.

The narrower the profile is, the better. For everything we eat, the body needs to create appropriate microflora. That is why it is so difficult to get used to legumes. Because about after the seventh portion of legume food shortly after another, the body has needed microflora created for digesting legumes.

If a person eats legume foods 2x a month, the microflora is not sufficient. And that is why they get flatulence from eating legumes, even though it is soaked before and cooked in double water.

Hot vs. cold foods

Foods nourish body, bring growth and prosperity. And foods also heal. They have a different energetic nature. Their nature is either warm and hot, or refreshing and cold. If we choose foods suitably, we can balance disharmonies of the body that manifest as illnesses and otherwise.

Attend our seminar about diet

Being knowledgeable in the world of foods is not easy. It is about choosing the right foods specifically for:

  • A specific body
  • A specific season
  • Or a specific life situation

That’s why we decided to help you with it. We will organize a seminar about diet, which will take place in Chambre de charme studio on address Starobrněnská 13 in the center of Brno. It will be 5 hours long. You will only need to bring a snack and water with you.

Study and writing materials will be ready for you. After completing the seminar, you will be able to balance the physical and psychological  condition only with food yourself. You will choose by yourself what you put into your body and what you don’t. And you will be surprised how little money you will spend, when you gradually change to real nutrition and a satisfying diet.

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