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Do you know what psychosomatics is and how it works?

Have you ever heard of psychosomatics? We could rightly call it the most precious thing we have in life. Find out how it works. We will explain it to you on a specific example from life.

What is psychosomatics

You have surely experienced that surprising feeling working with us. You came to us maybe with lower back pain and we told you that your problem is physically coming from weakened kidney and hotness in heart and liver. But the cause is psychological – cold relationship towards yourself and putting something like a system above yourself.

It was hardly believable. Because until you came to us for the first time, it was very easy. You had back pain, you dealt with back pain. But now you have back pain and you are dealing with a relationship with yourself. Yes, this is exactly psychosomatics.

All physical issues have a cause in the psyche. And the main point is a relationship towards oneself. This is where it all starts and comes back to.

TIP: Find out the cause of your health issue. See what we can help you with.

How does psychosomatics work

We will explain the principle of psychosomatics on the mentioned symptom in the form of lower back pain, which is connected to insufficiency of kidneys. It is usually manifested when a person no longer has a meaning for what they are doing.

But they are still doing it. And it doesn’t matter what area in life it is.

For example a woman, who “urgently needs” to do the shopping, cook, do the laundry, iron and do the cleaning at home as the only one. Despite the fact that children are old enough or have their own life, and the husband is no longer busy in work as before. He would be even able to take care of the whole household by himself, if his wife would let him and she could self-actualize in that time.

Taking care of the household is no longer giving her joy

Until recently she has been taking care of the whole family and now it is time to do what she has always wanted and realize in that.

However the problem is following. She believes that her value comes only in the form of taking care of the household. It wasn’t making her happy a long time ago, but she has been doing it out of habit. Therefore it is not giving her energy, but taking energy from her. No one appreciates it, because no one needs it.

Every day she needs to force herself to do it and she is upset that no one appreciates her effort and takes it for granted. All of this gradually leads to insufficiency of kidneys and hotness in heart and liver.

This manifests as:

  • stiffness and pain in lower back
  • tiredness
  • shallow sleep
  • and constant feeling that everything’s wrong and nothing works out

Even though reality is completely different.

Dealing with only physical problem is not enough

If we “only” dealt with the lower back pain, most likely nothing would change in the life of this woman. If she didn’t find any other indicator, she would continue in her exhausting life and maybe some time later in her old age she would realize her mistake, but that is already too late.

The body is a unique biological machine that precisely mirrors the way of our thinking and attitude towards ourselves. This way it precisely shows us what we should change and improve so that we could make our life better. And to experience happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment every day instead of frustration, lack and anger. This communication between psyche and physical side of a human is called psychosomatics.

Psychosomatics is very valuable

Personally I view psychosomatics as the most precious thing I have in life. Despite the fact that what it shows often doesn’t fall into the category of positive news. But if you accept it into your life, you get one of the best certainties there exist.

Because an illness is not something that comes out of nowhere. On the contrary. A person systematically grows an illness over a long period of time. During that whole period of growing an illness, they constantly get warnings about what is going on.

If an illness keeps growing, a person probably wasn’t able to interpret the information about the state of their mind correctly coming from their body. Or they know what to do, but they don’t have enough strength or relationship towards themselves.

We can help you with that. We have rich experience with psychosomatics and functioning of a body in general. We tell you exactly what needs to be done so that your overall state improves and your body heals.

But we also need to teach you how you can interpret what is going on and what needs to be changed by yourself.

We open seminars of psychosomatics

Therefore in 2019 we open seminars of psychosomatics, where you will learn:

  • what is connected with what
  • and why it is connected in a way it is.

We assure you that everything is only physics and chemistry. And also an effect of various forces of different intensity and different directions and reactions of various chemical elements.

Thanks to new information you will be able to precisely predict and regulate your own health state and bodily and physical condition.

How to register

Currently there are these seminar dates announced:

  • 2.2019
  • 3.2019
  • 4.2019

Every time from 15-20 o’clock. You will only need a snack and a drink to bring with yourself. Study materials will be given to you and writing equipment will be available.

We believe that a seminar of psychosomatics will bring you a great progress into your life.


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