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Tui-na massage

Take a comfortable massage that we do over clothes. It will help you fight with your health problems.

What does Tui-na massage solves and how

It is a special massage of acupuncture points and meridians. The advantage is, that it can be done with clothes on you.

Thanks to Tui-na massage, you will get rid of energy blocks in your body.

For whom is it

This massage is, if needed in therapy of each patient.

Tui-na massage in therapy

What does it contain

This treatment only involves Tui-na massage. It is used as a supplement to acupuncture and classical massage.


Tui-na massage cannot be ordered separately. Treatment can therefore be taken only within the framework of general therapy.

What do you want to help with?

Body pain

Alternative medicine: Body pain

Pains of head, shoulders, back, wrists, limbs, muscles, tendons, bones, hips, teeth, whole body...

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