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Reflex massage

Experience perfect relaxation of your body. And, moreover, much faster than with a classic massage.

What reflex massage solves and how

Reflex massage is based on stimulating or relaxing reflex zones and points. These are located on a foot, where we find the reflex zones of all internal and external systems. Thanks to this procedure it is possible to significantly affect the state of the organs and the whole body.

And it is even used, if it is only a relaxation therapy, that does not affect the state of the internal organs. Through the sole of feet body relaxes much faster, than through massage of muscles on back. The massage itself then, has a multiple effect.

For whom is it

A reflex massage is suitable for  everybody.

This massage is a part of almost all therapies.

Reflex massage in therapy

What does it contain

The reflex massage includes a massage of the feets and calves.


A reflex massage can not be performed separately. You can have it only during general therapy.

What do you want to help with?

Body pain

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Pains of head, shoulders, back, wrists, limbs, muscles, tendons, bones, hips, teeth, whole body...

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