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Meridian massage

Meridian massage cleans your acupuncture paths. Acupuncture itself than will be much more effective.

What meridian massage solves and how

Meridian massage represents very effective massage of individual acupuncture paths. Subsequent acupuncture in such clean paths is far more faster and more efficient. Meridian massage is domain of masseurs only.

In this procedure the masseurs release accumulated blockages in acupuncture paths of individual organs. This significantly improves or even completely restores their function.

For whom is it

Meridian massage is designed practically for all clients.

First of all, it will help those who decide to try acupuncture, with which it can be substituted.

Meridian massage in therapy

What does it contain

This treatment includes only meridian massage. However, I recommend its use with acupuncture and relaxation massage, which will increase the effect.


Massage can be taken separately or as part of general therapy.

The price of massage is 800 CZK. Relaxation and special tea are also included.

Request of meridian massage

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