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Dorn’s method

Dorn’s method can be used for problems with motion apparatus. Are you interested in how it works?

What Dorn’s method help with and how

It is a special method to return vertebraes and joints to their original position.

It occurs when you are in a long-term stress, experiencing fear or frustration. Certain groups of muscles are then stressed and the vertebrae or joints on which they are attached are moved. This causes problems with motion apparatus, but also headaches, digestive, excretory and other problems.

From whom is it

Dorn’s method is used by patients who suffer from scoliosis or have one leg shorter or longer than the other.

Furthermore, this technique is designed for people with back pain, pain of joints or instability of the locomotive apparatus.

Dorn’s method in therapy

What is the therapy procedure

Therapy consists of 4 steps:

  1. Several relaxing massages
  2. Relaxing acupuncture (if needed)
  3. Centering of the locomotive apparatus (3-5 repetitions)
  4. Keeping muscular system in a flexible state


Dorne’s method cannot be ordered separately. Treatment can therefore be taken only within the framework of general therapy.

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