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Chinese pressure massage

Chinese massage is another name for acupressure. It helps with pain and also relieves the symptoms of certain illnesses.

What Chinese pressure massage solves and how

Chinese pressure massage symbolizes another name for acupressure. This is the method, during which, so-called acupressure points are found on your body.

Treatment rest on compressing these points with fingers or blunt objects, relieving the pain and symptoms of a particular disease.

For whom is it

Chinese massage is for all people, except for pregnant women.

Chinese massage in therapy

What does it contain

This procedure only involves Chinese pressure massage.

What is the procedure

Therapy consists of 4 steps:

  1. Diagnostics from tangue and pulse
  2. Diagnostics with questions
  3. Pushing  of acupressure points with fingers or other blunt objects
  4. Complementary massage, moxa, cupping, qua-sha or whatever else you need

Duration of therapy

Chinese pressure massage takes about 20 to 60 minutes. The length depends on your health and problem.

Time schedule

The procedure should be repeated from twice a week to once every three months in order to the health problems to disappear.


Chinese pressure massage cannot be ordered separately. Treatment can therefore be taken only within the framework of general therapy.

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