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Remove excessive overpressure from your body. This treatment method can replace acupuncture. How does it actually looks like?

What cupping solves and how

Cupping symbolizes a non-invasive method, which is used primarily to release overpressure from the body. During application, the vacuum is generated by burning air from the cup and quick application of cup on the body.

This method very well replaces acupuncture, especially in syndromes from overtension. That is in places where excess of energy has accumulated or where energy stagnates.

Cupps are also occasionally applied on back immediately after the massage. Application of cupps helps to release waste from the inside of the body to the surface, where it is easier for the body to get rid of the waste.

    For whom is it

This procedure is suitable for all of you, except for pregnant women.

Cupping in therapy

What does it contain

Cupping is more complementary part of therapy. It can be joined with massage, acupuncture, qua-shu, or reflexology.

Duration of treatment

Cups are applied for 10-20 minutes. It depends on the specific health problem of the patient.


Cupping cannot be ordered separately. Treatment can therefore be taken only within the framework of general therapy.

What do you want to help with?

Body pain

Alternative medicine: Body pain

Pains of head, shoulders, back, wrists, limbs, muscles, tendons, bones, hips, teeth, whole body...

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