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Solution to issues in a relationship, work and life

Find out how my therapy will successfully help you solve problems in relationships and in personal and professional life.

What issues my therapy will successfully solve

You struggle with

Constant wrong choice of partners, occupation, business partners, dissociation in a relationship, dysfunctional relationships with family, with employees, supervisors, clients.

Content of the therapy

In therapy I will firstly take care of relaxing your whole energetic system. Then we will work together on a gradual change of your relationship with yourself.

Example of a therapy

Your therapy step by step

I recommend 10 therapies after two weeks, then every month (if you follow the strategy, otherwise 1-2x a week).

STEP 1: First therapy

I will check the results of a diagnosis from pulse and tongue on reflex and muscle zones of your body. You will also do an acupuncture. That can be replaced with cupping, qua-she scraping tool and moxibustion. At the end of a therapy I will explain you the causes of your problems and suggest a following procedure.

STEP 2: Follow-up therapy

You will go through follow-up therapies with our masseurs – junior therapists. They are very skilful with techniques of traditional Chinese medicine including massages of meridians and acupuncture.

They lead these therapies psychosomatically = a therapist will be translating the language of your body based on what they see. And they will advise you regarding a diet and life-style. After the massages and a therapy you can rest.

STEP 3: My supervision during therapies

I regularly meet with junior therapists to inform me about your progress. Together we discuss your questions and wishes. And we also go through written records from your massages and I regularly suggest and correct following procedures. During the whole process of therapies you have my phone number available and you can call me with any physical or mental problems. I will advise you on how to deal with it.

STEP 4: Control therapy

After the first set of therapies ends we then meet again. I will check your state and treat you with an extended acupuncture. Then I will set a new direction of therapies for another period.

STEP 5: Maintenance phase

Once your state of health stabilizes to the point you are satisfied with it, the therapy will switch into the maintenance phase. You will be able to take care of yourself in this phase, and my therapy will be enjoyable for you.

Price of the therapy

Example of a therapy

Length of the treatment is proportional to the time the issues are still there. The length is positively influenced by your helpful cooperation.


Female, 39 years old, businesswoman


From an economic point of view she was very successful, but in terms of relationships she was totally unsuccessful. For several years she’d had nothing to say with her husband, children no longer needed her and employees in the company came pouring in.

Also for a long time she was healing from ill thyroid and from irregular menstruation. Often she was dealing with depression and anxiety, which she usually handled with alcohol. She was unable to sleep.

She didn’t understand why she was having issues in relationships. She wanted everyone in the family and in the company to be satisfied.

Course of the therapy

During the first massage she was unable to relax. She was constantly talking about all kinds of situations, which could go wrong, and what else she wasn’t managing. And what others were doing wrong.

During the second therapy I used acupuncture based on diagnosis from pulse and tongue. When needles started to have an effect, she stopped talking and fell asleep. We continued like this during other visits too. She always came here storming and was leaving smooth and satisfied.

Looking for the cause

Gradually she started to notice and realize she was behaving like a man. She had to have everything immediately and exactly like she had in mind. And if a situation changed somehow, she was being aggressive and hostile.

She began to be interested in female energy and female approach. She was learning how to accept changes that life brings to her.

She started to see the positive side of everything and everything started to make sense to her.

Result of the therapy

After several years she is now able to accept people closest to her and people around her the way they are. Today she is also satisfied with herself. She changed her values.

She is running her company rather intuitively, but economically she is more successful then ever before. At the same time she has enough time for herself and her family. She was unable to save her marriage, but all other relationships work great.


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How much will you pay for successful resolving of your issues

What does the price include

  • Introductory and final consultation
  • 30 minutes of diagnostics and relaxation after a therapy
  • BONUS: Herbal teas and other relaxation
Who is doing it Price/hour
Therapist Šárka + 30 minutes of diagnostics and relaxation 1 400 CZK
Masseur + 30 minutes of diagnostics and relaxation 1 000 CZK

TIP: You can choose to whom you want to go. We recommend minimally 1 visit with a therapist for 2 visits with masseurs. Only a therapist can do a diagnosis and assess your progress.

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