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Solution to dissatisfaction with yourself

Find out how my therapy will successfully help you get rid of being dissatisfied with yourself.

What issues my therapy will successfully help you with

What do you struggle with today?

Being overweight, cellulite, bad breath, hair loss, bad complexion, fungus and eczema.

Short temper, moodiness, jealousy, enviousness, negativism, fear of change, fear of unknown situations, fear of being in a relationship, fear of loneliness.

Addiction on alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, shopping, relationships.

Loss of trust in oneself, loss of joy from anything.

Content of the therapy

In therapy I will relax your whole body and balance its energetic system. Gradually we will work on changing your relationship to yourself, changing your diet and your whole life-style.

Example of a therapy

Your therapy step by step

I recommend 10 therapies after two weeks, then every month (if you follow the strategy, otherwise 1-2x a week).

STEP 1: First therapy

I will check the results of a diagnosis from pulse and tongue on reflex and muscle zones of your body. You will also do an acupuncture. That can be replaced with cupping, qua-she scraping tool and moxibustion. At the end of a therapy I will explain you the causes of your problems and suggest a following procedure.

STEP 2: Follow-up therapy

You will go through follow-up therapies with our masseurs – junior therapists. They are very skilful with techniques of traditional Chinese medicine including massages of meridians and acupuncture.

They lead these therapies psychosomatically = a therapist will be translating the language of your body based on what they see. And they will advise you regarding a diet and life-style. After the massages and a therapy you can rest.

STEP 3: My supervision during therapies

I regularly meet with junior therapists to inform me about your progress. Together we discuss your questions and wishes. And we also go through written records from your massages and I regularly suggest and correct following procedures. During the whole process of therapies you have my phone number available and you can call me with any physical or mental problems. I will advise you on how to deal with it.

STEP 4: Control therapy

After the first set of therapies ends we then meet again. I will check your state and treat you with an extended acupuncture. Then I will set a new direction of therapies for another period.

STEP 5: Maintenance phase

Once your state of health stabilizes to the point you are satisfied with it, the therapy will switch into the maintenance phase. You will be able to take care of yourself in this phase, and my therapy will be enjoyable for you.


Price of the therapy

Example of a therapy

Length of the treatment is proportional to the time the issues are still there. The length is positively influenced by your helpful cooperation.


Female, 45 years old, clerk


She described herself as a content woman, who had always achieved anything she intended. Despite that she had bad mood without any obvious reason. She was tired immediately since the morning, she didn’t enjoy anything and she was unable to feel joy from almost anything.

When she was talking about herself, then almost always self-critically. In a short while she was able to find lots of flaws about her.

Course of the therapy

In the beginning she underwent massages and acupuncture once every two weeks, later once every month. After each therapy she felt like she was “flying”, she was very relaxed and had a great mood. Unfortunately it never lasted more than 14 days and then everything returned to her old ways.

Looking for the cause

During therapy we found out that all goals she had set for herself and that she achieved were in fact wishes of her parents. Attention and love of her parents were conditioned by fulfilling their ideas about her.

Parents were dictating how she should behave, what is supposed to be important to her, what dreams she should have and what she is supposed to feel.

Result of the therapy

Despite the fact the client recognized the cause of her state, she refuses to live life her own way. Therefore for several years we have been progressing very slowly. But she assures me that therapies are still beneficial for her.


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How much will you pay for successful resolving of your issues

What does the price include

  • Introductory and final consultation
  • 30 minutes of diagnostics and relaxation after a therapy
  • BONUS: Herbal teas and other relaxation
Who is doing it Price/hour
Therapist Šárka + 30 minutes of diagnostics and relaxation 1 400 CZK
Masseur + 30 minutes of diagnostics and relaxation 1 000 CZK

TIP: You can choose to whom you want to go. We recommend minimally 1 visit with a therapist for 2 visits with masseurs. Only a therapist can do a diagnosis and assess your progress.

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