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Obesity (Part 2): Do you know what makes your pancreas weak?

(SERIES) In the second part of the series you will learn what people do that weakens their pancreas. Do you know which foods have a positive and negative effect on this organ?

READ part 1 of the series – Obesity (Part 1): How the function of pancreas can influence obesity

What is the role of pancreas

From the last part you know that incorrect function of pancreas is behind gaining weight. Pancreas is a digestive track organ, which has an essential influence on processing all components of food.

In other words, when a person misses their gall bladder, it is not such a big issue, because pancreas fully replaces it. But when a person’s pancreas is sick, they won’t gain anything from food.

Pancreas in traditional Chinese medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine pancreas is considered as one organ together with spleen. They have an essential influence on digestion, but also on water retention in the body. That means creation of swellings being even several kilograms heavy, which show as fat.

Healthy pancreas also participates in:

  • Immunity
  • State and condition of vascular and muscular system
  • Memory
  • Ability to think clearly and quickly
  • Ability to not think about anything and to relax
  • Moods
  • Ability to see positives and feel joy in day to day life

TIP: Do you struggle with your pancreas not working correctly? Our holistic medicine approach can help you with this problem.

Pancreas over the course of our life

Function of our pancreas changes over the course of our life.

After birth

When a child is born, their pancreas is working perfectly. Except when a mom was going through difficult life situations. A baby is fed exactly what their body is designed to get – mother’s milk. A baby is doing what it feels and society tolerates it. Therefore its body is developing in a healthy and strong way, its psyche is leading them to developing a strong and balanced personality.

In childhood

In time when a baby grows, it needs to adapt to the system more and more. They don’t eat what their body wants but what they are given to eat. Nobody cares that their body wants vitamins and minerals, which are not included in the food they are being given. They have to eat even when they are not hungry, because lunch just has to be at noon.They can’t eat when they are hungry, because they are somewhere where it’s not socially appropriate.

The whole digestive system has been tuned for an intake of food, amount of acids in the stomach is optimal, pancreas is in full strength, intestines are rested and waiting for the opportunity to break down digested food to nutrition for cells. But it’s impossible, because if a hungry kid took out their snack during a class, they would insult society by doing that.

In adulthood

When children are growing, they accept the fact that it doesn’t matter whether they’re hungry or not. In their job, they sometimes don’t eat the whole day, because there’s no time. They don’t even feel hunger anymore. Their digestive system weakens overtime. It creates less and less digestive enzymes and acids. Food will come in the evening, but after the whole day of starving they cannot fill up their stomach. They often eat a big portion at once and also different kinds of foods.

But doing that creates stress on the digestive system and the pancreas – they can’t manage breaking down food. The food decays and ferments, which creates toxin. Those toxin get into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. Liver and kidneys are supposed to deal with them. Because there is so much they have to deal with in the body, they store those toxins in subcutis and conserve them with fat. The more toxins, the more fat. That is one way how people destroy their pancreas in modern society.

Choose right foods

It is important to have in mind that you can support the correct function of your pancreas with suitable foods. What are those foods and what foods we should avoid?

Foods that strengthen pancreas

Another reason for hurting your pancreas is choosing foods. Grains strengthen pancreas. In our area  it is mostly:

  • Hulled grain
  • Buckwheat
  • Millet grains

But how many people eat hulled grains more often than once every six months?

Foods that weaken pancreas

What weakens pancreas:

  • Fried foods
  • Margarines
  • Dairy products
  • Coffee (especially with milk)
  • Industrially processed oils
  • Alcohol
  • Preservatives
  • Dyes
  • Seasonings in food (i.e. waffles, cookies, chocolate bars, smoked meat, pastes, cheese, ice creams, instant soups and sauces)

How many people can avoid these?

TIP: Revitalize your pancreas with the help of techniques of holistic and Chinese medicine.

Watch out for unnecessary worries

Another way how people destroy their pancreas are worries, problems, constant thinking.

As long as a child is at the age when it is perceived as “silly and unaware”, it approaches life naturally. They celebrate all of their successes but also successes of people around them and they feel joy from it. If they or people around them are not successful at something, they view it as an area where they can improve. They strive for improvement without a feeling of frustration.

Once they begin attending school, the situation radically changes. Our society has made an enemy from making mistakes. Success is taken for granted, it doesn’t get any attention. But a failure is something completely different. When someone makes a mistake, everyone around starts paying attention. With tension they suspect how a person will be punished for his or her mistake, made fun of, humiliated. The goal of people starts to be a life full of tension, self-control and fear of failure. They constantly keep their mind busy thinking about whether their actions will have any consequences and if it could be any different.

They can’t stop their thoughts. Their internal organs view the situation as a constant state of threat. They are in stress and constricted. All systems in the body are tense. Function of internal organs (including pancreas) reduces to a minimum level required to stay alive.

Express your emotions

Another reason for why your pancreas is getting weaker, are unexpressed emotions. Often two people live together who actually split up a long time ago. They have nothing in common anymore, but they see splitting up completely as very difficult.

In time their relationships comes to the point of anger or hate, which they don’t want to express. Because there’s a danger they might actually split up. Fear of being left alone or having to split their property is so big it prevents them from expressing their emotions.

What you can expect the next time

In the third part of this series you will learn several recipes as an inspiration for a diet that strengthens pancreas.

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