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Obesity (Part 1): How a function of pancreas can influence obesity

(SERIES) In the first part of the series you will learn what possible causes can obesity have. And also how a healthy and unhealthy pancreas manifests itself.

What is obesity

In general obesity is characterized as a disease, which is created by a person having a higher intake of energy than its expenditure for a long period of time. But in reality a large part of obese people eat very little and some of them also do sports regularly. In spite of that their weight doesn’t change, or it even increases.

WATCH OUT: According to newest research every seventh child, every fourth adolescent and every other adult suffers from obesity.

Fear of sugar

People in Europe are afraid of sugar, even cane sugar or fruit sugar. Sometimes when I say to a newcomer that our balm tea is lightly sweetened with cane sugar, I can see their hesitation if they are even at the right place.

If natural sugar was so harmful as it is presented, Arab nation would have probably died out a long time ago. And because of the amount of sugar they consume daily. What’s more – not even such high consumption of sugar causes them to be obese.

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Pancreas is key

What is the difference then? In the function of pancreas.

Proper function of pancreas

As long as pancreas is working as it should, it can digest food perfectly. Even sugar. The body is satisfied and doesn’t create any unnecessary fat reserves. Plus properly digested food doesn’t ferment or decay in intestines.

Therefore people with correctly functioning pancreas:

  • They are not overly tired
  • They sleep well
  • They can think well and fast
  • Their memory is great
  • They see everything optimistically
  • They have strong immunity and strong muscles
  • Overall they look great

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How is obesity created

Fat can be stored in a body in two ways. Either because of the influence of toxins or insufficient nutrition of the organism.

Poorly functioning pancreas

If pancreas is weakened, it cannot properly digest food, which then ferments and decays in intestines. That is manifested mostly by:

  • Flatulence
  • Loose stools

Toxins are released to the body through intestinal wall from such poorly digested food, and they need to be dealt with quickly. That is the role mainly of liver and kidneys. But because these organs are non-stop dealing with common functioning of the organism, they cannot deal with such amount of new toxins immediately.

Therefore body creates a bigger amount of fat. Subsequently it stores toxins, chemicals from food and other substances incompatible with functioning of the body to the fat prepared mostly in subcutis. There they don’t harm anyone and the body will deal with it incrementally so that it doesn’t endanger common functioning. As long as toxic substances are coming, they are being stored. The body starts to deal with them when new ones stop coming in.

Insufficient nutrition

Poorly processed food, because of a weakened function of pancreas, cannot provide enough nutrition and the body suffers from constant hunger. And because it evaluates it as lack of food, it starts creating fat reserves to survive. That is another reason why it stores fat in subcutis.

But people usually react to it by eating less food and expending more energy by exercising, which drives the situation to the extreme. The body mainly focuses on creating fat reserves. Body weight decreases for a while, but later it starts to increase again and it cannot be stopped.

What you can expect in the next part

In the second part of this article I will tell you what people do that hurts their pancreas.

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