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About me and contact

My name is Šárka Eggerová and since 1989 I am involved in holistic medicine. You can find us in Brno.

What I am doing

For what you can looking forward with me?

I’ll find the real cause of your troubles. And with acupuncture, massages and other tools, but mainly with your full cooperation, I can fix the problem permanently. The time, for solving the problem is directly proportional to your co-operation and the time the problem was formed.

I use a proven approach of Chinese medicine. Diseases and difficulties are only clues that lead me to know the real cause. Once you are happy with yourself again, your troubles will no longer appear.

What my praxis looks like:

  • With clients, I have over 3,000 therapies a year.
  • I actively take care of 250 permanent clients.

Where to find us in Brno and Prague

Get to know me and my life

I have been dealing with holistic medicine since 1989. What brought me to understand this unique approach?

After the birth of my daughter, Zuzana, I suffered from major abdominal pains that paralyzed me even for several dozens of minutes and came at any time. I had small baby, I could not take care of, at this time.

Doctors could not help me. From their point of view, I was fine.

At that time was published book of MUDr. Joseph Jonas, Crossword of Life, dedicated to Chinese medicine. I read it in 2 days. I changed my diet, my way of life, changed my friends, moved, and the troubles did not appear anymore. Holistic medicine has become my lifestyle.

I am still fascinated how everything in the human body is connected – the physical side with psychic side. This connection has its rules, which you can just learn. I will show you, that it is not really complicated, but quite simple.

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Business information

Šárka Eggerová
Nové sady 988/2
602 00 Brno – Staré Brno

IČO: 60394498

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Where to find us

Starobrněnská 13, Brno-střed | monday–friday 7–21 hrs.

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