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How relaxing massages work and what it can help you with

A lot of people think massage is only about rubbing muscles with the use of massage oils or emulsions. And sometimes, unfortunately, it’s really the case. However truly well performed relaxing massage deeply cleanses the body, gives it nutrition, renews it and regenerates it fully.

How relaxing massages work

Masseurs don’t just loosen back muscles. They also focus on:

  • Face

  • Complexion under hair

  • Sole of feet

  • Loosening of back of the head, back of the neck and calfs

Back muscles come at the very last. Gradually they loosen all layers of muscles one by one. They focus on each muscle individually.

They loosen the body through acupuncture and trigger points, at the same time taking state of individual meridians into consideration.

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How this massage works

During a relaxing massage we primarily focus on loosening of vegetative nerves, which lead information from brain through spinal cord to internal organs and limbs.

Practical example: Digestion

Let’s explain it on the example of a stomach. As long as muscles around spine are loose, transfer of information is 100% and information from brain to stomach are accurate. Stomach digests food perfectly, the body gets maximum building materials and undigested remains leave the body regularly and without any problems.

However, if muscles around spine are tense, transfer of information is no longer 100%, because nerves are oppressed. So when stomach is receiving for example only 50% of information, it doesn’t digest as it used to. It doesn’t function 100%.

Food then continues insufficiently digested and ferments and decays in the intestines. Toxins which are created in the intestines in this way are being released into the bloodstream and poison the whole body. The result is:

  • Fatigue

  • Bad mood

  • Constant appetite for something good

If simultaneously stomach meridian is also not clean, a person could get sick in time.

TIP: Try a special relaxing massage and get rid of needless tension. Read what it all consists of.

How muscles get into such a big tension

In the beginning of everything there usually is:

  • Stress

  • Fear

  • Or worries

Stress for people is vitally important. But instead of them using stress, they are controlled by stress.

How stress reaction works

People come across a predator in nature and they start running away. If their body stayed in an ordinary setting, they probably wouldn’t run away too far. In the moment they get scared, stress comes over and the setting of the body changes immediately. Muscles become stiff, skin tightens and closes, digestive tract goes bloodless and brain gets flooded with blood.

The body becomes a firm, smooth and fast object with a brain similar to computer capable of immediate evaluation of the best escape route, or strategic points for a fight.

As soon as danger is over, it is naturally followed by relief. People usually start crying, the body loosens and comes back to a normal regime.

Problem of our society is that stress comes creepingly, though with the same intensity. And it stays for several weeks, even months with some people. We then do the phase of relief and getting back to a normal regime.

Let your body be pampered

Would you like to relax your body and mind thanks to this relaxing massage? Our professional masseurs would be happy to take care of you.

Find out more about the massage

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