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How to fight against flu and cold: 4 pillars of immunity and 3 tips for quick recovery

A season of frequent flues and colds is here again. How to defend yourself against these unpleasant illnesses? And what to do when you come down with some illness?

Pay attention to the amount of antibiotics

When the weather gets a little bit colder, a lot of people get ill. As if out of nowhere there comes:

  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Inflammation of cavities
  • Flu
  • Or angina

Most of the time it ends with antibiotics. But if antibiotics are used frequently, not only they are not effective anymore, but they even significantly reduce immunity.

It can be solved in a different way. It is more beneficial to take care of immunity systematically and increase it. Strong enough immunity, psyche and body in balance will prevent any disease.

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 4 pillars of immunity

Immunity of a person consists of 4 basic pillars. They are:

  • Diet
  • Movement
  • Rest
  • Joy and satisfaction

Pillar 1: Diet

Diet is supposed to give nutrition and not burden the body in any way. For one thing, immunity is created in a digestive system of a person.

Pillar 2: Movement

Movement should be natural and balanced. We should choose a kind of movement with regards to our age and condition.

Pillar 3: Rest

Rest is important not only for the body, but mainly for the mind. Afford it to yourself with an easy conscience. We need to be able to enjoy rest.

Pillar 4: Joy and satisfaction

Joy and satisfaction in everyday life symbolises the last pillar of immunity. Think about the fact that each situation can give you something for your growth.

Are you coming down with something? 3 tips on how to heal quickly

TIP 1: If you got chilled

Take a hot bath as soon as possible, or visit a sauna. The body temperature will balance and you will not get ill.

TIP 2: If your body got heavy, your muscles and joints hurt and you have flu symptoms

Drink only tea for pancreas or stomach. Eat only stewed rice with vegetables, or grain mush with honey. Keep yourself warm and within two days everything will be okay.

TIP 3: If you have cough and cold

Immerse your both hands up to arms to very warm water. And hold them there until the cough loosens and cold sets off. Then keep your shoulders and arms warm enough so that they won’t get chilled. Until you fully heal, eat only stewed rice with vegetables.

What about children?

When children get ill, it is better to let an illness to take place without medication. Assuming that the illness is not life-threatening. Children will be cleansed from the things from food that burdened them and they will increase their immunity.

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