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6 things you can do to support our therapy

If we agreed upon taking care of you and helping you find internal balance and a satisfied life, you have probably heard from us that we would need your cooperation. And that we all need to split the effort going into that. Meaning we will help you, but you need to go along with us, not against us. And how does such cooperation usually look like?

Record your diet

In the therapy we mostly need to find out:

  • Whether your body is being sufficiently nourished
  • How much caloric and toxic burden does it have from diet

In order for us to find it out, we need to know exactly how you eat and drink.

Usually it is enough to record everything you eat for the period of 14 days. If it can be done, also record time.

And in the most ideal case you can record your emotional level. That means:

  • How you feel that day
  • How much energy you have
  • If anxiety showed up, alternatively at what hour

How do diet tests work

In order to rule out an intolerance or an allergy to certain foods, we recommend you to go through dietary tests. A test consists of two phases.

First phase of a dietary test

The first phase of a dietary test is light. During this phase you completely avoid tested food. In this first phase you need to be very careful so that the test provides real results.

Second phase of a dietary test

The second phase is based on putting a strain on the organism by tested food. Here you need to record any little difficulties (headaches, bad moods, swellings, flatulence).

A dietary test applied to a specific person sometimes ends up being positive despite the fact that a test done in a laboratory several weeks before turned out negative. This can be caused by the fact that each person is different and universal values don’t have to suit everyone.

What loosening activities are for

Sometimes we can recommend not very common loosening activities to you. For example:

  • Jumping on a trampoline
  • Going on a bobsled track, best without brakes
  • Kickbox
  • Night cypher games

We do that especially when we need to keep you in an open and a flexible state even during days when you don’t have a visit planned with us. It used to happen a lot that after a therapy the state of a person got better, but until the next visit, the situation got worse again. Especially if a person had a job position like a manager, director, lawyer, accountant, physician, teacher, etc.

And because we refused to tolerate that, we encourage you to do these seemingly childish and rash, but in fact very beneficial, activities. If you believe us and you take our advice seriously, your state will be getting better much quicker and it won’t even give you much pain.

TIP: Do you suffer from health or physical problems? Read what we can solve together with you.

Meridian massage is painful? Tell us

During a cleaning of meridians some sections can be very painful. Don’t be afraid to tell us. It doesn’t mean that younger therapists massaging your meridians will be doing their job with half the effort, but they will change the technique.

They have more techniques and tools available so that they can clean your body and you don’t have to suffer. You just need to tell us about it.

Also what can happen is that after a cleaning of meridians, dark spots similar to bruises appear on top of a meridian. They are just impurities taken out of the body under the skin, where the body will better take care of them. If you know you would mind having bruises on your body, please tell us about it beforehand. We adjust the therapy for you in a way so that it is the most effective for you, but simultaneously we want to take your comfort and aesthetics in account.

Think positively

In order for us to help you as much as possible, we need your positive attitude. Sometimes your state can get worse after you start the treatment. Or the improvement of your state doesn’t happen as quickly as you expected before you began. If you believe us and your really want to deal with your problem, you are active and cooperate with us, it must be successful.

In the beginning your state can get better internally and externally it might not be visible. This is the case especially when it comes to:

  • Obesity
  • Eczema
  • High blood pressure

Specifically with obesity we can’t immediately fight the weight and force the body to lose the barrier that it worked so hard to build. Even though it would be through an ear acupuncture, it would be the easiest and quickest solution. But doing this only puts people in stress, because that barrier was created for a reason. In time the weight would go up again and it would be a little bit higher.

If you give us time and you cooperate with us even in this case, you will get rid of obesity once and for all.

Give us your feedback

We want you to really enjoy your stay with us and eliminate your problems you come to us with. Your feedback helps us a lot. Whether it is positive or negative, if you had such an experience. What helps is also when you ask about everything that isn’t clear to you. So that you know what is happening with you and why.

What techniques do we offer?

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