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6 tips on how to survive Christmas in health

Celebrations of Christmas and New Year are approaching, which every year gradually transition to flues, anginas and colds. Most people indulge in lots of foods during Christmas holidays, which they mix with alcohol. What to avoid and what to add during this time of the year?

Overwhelmed pancreas

Overwhelmed pancreas, which is under a lot of stress during this time, is often the cause of flues, anginas and colds. Therefore it causes a decreased immunity and unpleasant health issues. Can they be avoided? How?

6 tips for Christmas spent in health

Watch out for alcohol

Christmas is a time of year, during which we indulge in alcohol more often than any other time. If you drink alcohol, mix it always with a sufficient amount of lemon water. For 1 litre of water, use half of a lemon which you squeeze into water.

Leave Christmas cookies for later

Even though it is tempting during the Christmas time, don’t start with cookies and sandwiches from the morning. Wait until 11 o’clock in the morning. Your body will handle it better.

Change foods

Don’t eat two exact foods after another. Even though you will have many leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner, try to change what you eat.

Walking will do you good

Even though it is freezing outside, it shouldn’t discourage you from going out on a walk from time to time. It will very beneficial for your health. Also don’t forget to put on enough clothes so that you won’t be cold.

Watch out for getting chilled

If you happen to get chilled during a walk, try to balance your body temperature with a hot bath or sauna as soon as possible.

Enough sleep

Even though you don’t have to wake up in the morning, go to bed before midnight.

These are a few little tips, but it is a big help for your body.

Do you suffer with health problems?

If you have health issues, try an approach from holistic and Chinese medicine. Individual therapies will be able to help you with your issues.

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