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6 ways to get your body swimsuit-ready

Slowly but surely we are approaching a season when we take off excess clothes and expose our bodies to sunbeams. If you want to be irresistible in a swimsuit this summer, perhaps you are thinking about losing weight. I have 6 steps for you that will help your body prepare for losing weight.

Relax your body

If you want to have a truly beautiful, symmetrical and refined figure, first I recommend relaxing your body. Assure it that no lack of any kind is approaching.

Lack of water

For example when we have an insufficient fluid intake, our body takes it as a dry season and retains water. That water in the form of lymph is held in subcutis and you can then think that you put on some weight. Retained water can weigh 3-4 kg and it can add several centimeters in volume. 

Irregular diet

Another example. If we don’t eat regularly, our body takes it as a lack of resources and starts accumulating fats. It can do that very well. You then feel like you put on weight even from water. Your body starts accumulating fats even when we suffer from coldness. It does that as a thermal barrier.

Long-lasting stress

Even with long-lasting stress our body tries to hold to a great amount of matter. Thus it’s no coincidence that people who support everyone around them and don’t collapse easily, have a proper piece of body.

This is what is good to know as well. If you force your stressed body to lose some weight with a strict diet, it results in a faded, dry body without glint and juice. That’s nothing nice.

Therefore before you even think about any exercise or losing weight to fit into a swimsuit, first put yourself into a relaxed state.

Get rid of morning stresses

If you are one of the people who hate getting up in the morning, make your morning as beautiful as possible. Wake up earlier, run a bath or take a hot shower. And add your favourite music to it. When taking a bath you can slowly think about what breakfast you will have.

Prepare your breakfast calmly and enjoy making it. Savour every piece of it.

Enjoy your journey to work, school or a meeting. Look around and notice all details you haven’t seen before.

Think positively at work

At work create as pleasing environment as possible. Avoid conversations on topics such as:

  • who got ill again
  • who looks bad
  • who is not doing well

Try to find as many positive things about your day and feel free to share them with your colleagues. If you have more work than you can handle, prepare some facts that prove it and talk about it with your boss.

Don’t forget to drink every time your are thirsty and eat when you get hungry. Don’t even hold your need to go to the toilet, yawn or stretch.

Do what you want to do at the moment

When at home forget about the need to have everything cleaned all the time. Your feeling is important. What do you want to do when you get home? If you are tired and you want some rest, feel free to have it. And postpone cleaning for a more appropriate time, or delegate it on someone else in the household.

Avoid food substitutes

When it comes to food, don’t skip even one regular meal. Really watch out for that. And don’t feed your body with substitutes such as:

  • cookies
  • wafers
  • chips
  • puffed bread
  • chocolate bars
  • or desserts

Have that at celebrations during extraordinary occasions. But in a regular life you need to feed your body sufficiently.

TIP: Read my older article about how too complex foods can affect you. And if you don’t know what to cook, explore my article with 16 healthy recipes.

Your body needs to have enough sleep and nutritious diet. Because of that you too will be relaxed, satisfied and you will not suffer from coldness. This will help you creating your dream swimsuit figure.

You have to enjoy movement

Your diet will be already balanced, so you just need to add more movement. Any movement you choose, you should enjoy it. Ideal is:

  • skating
  • running
  • dancing
  • or swimming

And to that add something like pilates or light working out. And don’t forget yoga or Qigong. Alternate movement and exercise in a way that suits you. Sometimes skip movement altogether and visit a sauna. If you start immediately, you will have been very proud of you by June.

Visit our Qigong seminar

Do you want to get into the mysteries of this exercise? Once you master it, you can balance energy in your body. You will release psychological and physical tensions and establish balance.

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