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6 reasons why women sometimes reject sex

Women’s evening headache. This phenomenon has become a subject of many jokes. But what is the real cause of why women are not in a mood for sex?

6 reasons why “women have a headache”

Men often complain that their women are not very interested in having sex. The question is why it is such a problem for women. There can be several reasons:

  1. New mother is too exhausted caring about the child and household and she is still tired from pregnancy and birth
  2. The relationship is going through a crisis, partners have become alienated
  3. The woman doesn’t believe herself, doesn’t like her look and doesn’t like herself
  4. The relationship is unbalanced, the woman doesn’t respect the man, or vice versa
  5. Bad technique, the man uses sex only for his pleasure
  6. The woman suffers from hormonal imbalance

What can you do about it?

The situation after pregnancy

If a young couple has a small baby, the man cannot expect his woman to be full of desire and passion after puerperium. Her body will need 5 years to heal and regain strength. Woman’s hormonal system will be focused more “in a motherly manner”.

In this case what will help a young couple is:

  • taking time for themselves
  • visiting a sauna
  • or having a massage

A woman will appreciate it, she relaxes and if then she feels like it, she will start a sexual game herself. By no means a man should force her to have sex. Patience will pay off.

Relationship going through a crisis

If a relationship is going through a crisis, it’s foolish to think that sex will save it. On the contrary. When a crisis comes and both partners want to continue in a relationship, it’s important to release all pressures and try again from the start.

When a woman doesn’t like herself

If a woman doesn’t like herself and doesn’t like her look, then she feels unattractive and she is unable to enjoy sex. She needs help from her partner. She needs to take care of herself and dress nicely. If that doesn’t help, she should start going to a therapy.

Unbalanced relationships

If a man doesn’t respect his woman, or if a woman doesn’t respect her man, it cannot work. Humiliated partner doesn’t feel good after sex, and therefore they don’t want it. Partners will help each other by finding out and getting rid of inequality in the relationship. Then even sex changes completely.

When a man thinks only about himself

If a man takes sex only as a relaxation after a long day, he will not connect with his partner. He just tries to reach his goal as fast as possible. In this case a woman feels she is being used and is not interested in sex.

A woman should tell her partner how she feels and help him find a different dimension in sex. Slowly, through sensual massages, she can teach him to connect to her and experience true passion and love, which will later carry to their relationship. And it can revive it again.

Hormonal imbalance

  • she hides her feelings
  • she doesn’t cry
  • she endures everything
  • she works constantly
  • and rest is no value to her

She is not interested in sex very much, her body is tired and exhausted. Her partner can help her by strongly seizing a male role in the relationship. This will require a little bit of patience. Hormonal matters change slowly.

TIP: Hormonal imbalance can be cured with techniques of holistic medicine. Find out what therapies you can undergo.

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